why you got banned ?

it's about one month now every time we opened our SGD mail we found someone asks this question so we thinking that if we just answer it maybe it will stop.

so why we got banned in -----.forum.com and, and, and,

before we answer it lets clear something out

sharing : whats mean of sharing : its mean some one buy a software game movie ....ect or just crack them with his own . and he think if he just share it with others maybe that other love him. it was back in old days " p2p and Basement servers " with a download speed 3kb maximum and you have to turn your pc on 24h a day to let others download from it

but not any more.....

in 2005 we found a new service showing up its called file-hosting websites it starts with rapidshare and others follow.

so we find it a very good way to share stuff with others because it provides a very good download speed with a weak internet skills to know how to use it and more secure and free . but not any more .....

in 2007 we find a new type of file-hosting websites which gives money to uploaders as a reward for uploading and sharing files with others .

and we just discover that uploaders stop sharing what the others want but they share what will brings more money to them .. and the meaning of share has been changed from

sharing mean caring

sharing mean love


sharing mean money

sharing mean business

so hows that dirty nasty business goes ?
the crappy file-hosters will pay to those greedy uploaders to upload files on thire servers and pay them "uploader" to force you buy a premium account ...

so what .. i will not buy any premium account ... now you are dreaming... those crappy file-hosting will push you throw 3, 4 pages before you get the download page .... not just that

1- you to wait 2 min before you can go to second page ... not just that

2- you have to type a freaking captcha hard to read ( impossible to read ) before you can go to third page ... not just that

3- you have to hit by 6, 7 "dangerous" popups trying to install some malwares or toolbars into your PC ( if you ask an uploader about that he will answer you : you have to trust me )
yea trust him till he get the reward out of the file-hoster .... not just that

4- you have to wait about 2 hours before you start another download from the same file-host

those type of file-hosting was called wupload, filesonic, fileserv ....ect but not any more ... they already dead ( runaway ) with lots of premium subscriptions  .. and they replaced with more dirty nasty file-hosters called bitshare, uploaded, secureupload, rapidfileshare, rapidgator ...... ect

how i know if uploader greedy cash uploader or not ( looking for money or looking for love ) ?

wheres rapidshare, 2shared, megashars, mediafire, jumbofiles ....ect
why you forcing people to buy premium accounts did you do it for free or some one pays you to do it for him

why you advertising a filehosting website all over your blog/site are you do it for free

so back to the question . why you got banned ?
SGD provides a high speed download links so why people will go to those forums to download from a crappy links like those ... nobody love pain
if he didnt block us today SGD will kill him tomorrow if people got a copy of SGD they will not go again looking for games outside. mean no premium accounts sale mean no rewards mean no food

did you do it for free for love ( you dont get any money from SGD project) ?
no we get a huge money over it we have sponsors 4 for SGD PC version and 1 for Android version in total it will be 3900$ monthly
the best thing is we didnt get that money over your suffering or selling you to a dirty file-hosting website

is 3900 per month enough ?
no ... but we already have real jobs in real life:
A.Tawaly : me i have 5 shop for computer maintenance and trading ( programmer in SGD )
unlimited illegal : web developer ( cracker in SGD )
H : web master ( cracker in SGD )
medore : working as insurance agent ( packer in SGD )
A.Trans : lawyer ( uploader in SGD )

and much more

so if SGD project fails we will not go for food stamps


  1. haha.. good one! people associate the word "premium" and "vip" as being treated differently.. well, it's human nature to want to be treated better than others, plus having greed as one of a normal human's trait, that's pretty much unavoidable hehehehe

  2. (having greed as one of a normal human trait) thanks god we are not normal humans you can call us Zombies, non human, freaks we are mental's
    (it's human nature to want to be treated better than others) oh and about UP and DOWN game we have 719.471 user UP and big 0 user DOWN
    and about haha & hehehehehe ... someone just threw his money in the middle of the street its unbelievable thing i know try to deal with it

  3. i have been using your program since 2012 and i absolutely love it! thank you so very much.